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Vibration Testing

Experior Laboratories’ MIL-STD-790 approved and ISO-17025:2005 accredited facility houses multiple state-of-the-art Unholtz-Dickie electrodynamic vibration systems that can handle the most demanding vibration and shock test specifications.

• T-2000 #1, 25,000 lbf, 3” Stroke
• T-2000 #2, 25,000 lbf, 3” Stroke
• T-2000 #3, 20,000 lbf, 2” Stroke
• R16C #1, 13,000 lbf, 2” Stroke
• R16C #2, 13,000 lbf, 2” Stroke
• SO92, 1,000 lbf, 2” Stroke

Two T-2000 vibration systems can be used in tandem (Dual Shaker) to provide a combined 50,000 lbf for extreme vibration profiles or for testing large articles. Custom-made vibration fixtures and slip plates allow us to test parts of almost any shape and size.

T-2000 Vibration System Armature

The Unholtz-Dickie Induct-A-Ring armature uses a solid metal coil with no windings on the moving armature, allowing it to be driven at extreme G-levels without driver coil failure.

By comparison, conventional vibration system armatures have a wound coil that is Epoxy bonded to the armature. During high G-level operation, this attached driver coil is subjected to mechanical failure. It is an accepted fact that conventional driver coil armatures are not well suited for high-G SRS testing.

The Unholtz-Dickie Induct-A-Ring armature solves this problem.

If you are looking for drawings, go here for our vibration drawings.

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