Direct Field Acoustic Testing

Experior Laboratories offers Direct Field Acoustic Testing services with the next-generation Acoustic Research Systems NEUTRON System, the industry’s first purpose-built, turnkey system for ultra-high output acoustic launch simulation testing. The revolutionary design of the full-range NEUTRON acoustic device dramatically increases accuracy, efficiency, and safety, while substantially reducing deployment time, staffing requirements, and impact to schedule. Using NEUTRON, an acoustic field with exceptional uniformity and diffusivity characteristics can easily be created, while accurate and rich datasets can be captured and reviewed to ensure that the acoustic test was performed to the target specifications. The ARS NEUTRON System meets or exceeds specified NASA, SpaceX, Aerospace, and Military standard requirements.

Our commitment to providing a complete turn-key test solution doesn’t stop with the acoustic devices in the NEUTRON System. For high resolution, comprehensive control over all test parameters, and to ensure absolute precision in control and post-test processing, NEUTRON features the DF-ACS acoustic control system from m+p international, a world leader in acoustic testing control. Additionally, the NEUTRON System has been meticulously embedded in Dassault Systemes Wave6 vibroacoustic simulation platform, enabling customers to conduct highly accurate direct field acoustic pre-test analysis.

A direct field is generated by audio drivers arranged to encircle the test article. The technique uses normal incident plane waves in a shaped spectrum of acoustic noise to impact directly on all exposed test article surfaces without external boundary reflections. An advantage of DFAN testing over reverberant testing is the portability of the DFAN system. This allows the test equipment to be transported to any location, set up, calibrated, used to perform a High-Intensity Acoustic Test and then removed from the test site. The entire process from load-in to load-out can be accomplished in no more than 4 days for a large satellite or similar aerospace structure, and smaller tests can be set up and configured in under an hour. The test system uses a “building block” approach to form combinations of equipment to satisfy the environmental requirements. Systems typically include several electrodynamic acoustic source devices, amplification and signal distribution systems, control and monitoring microphones, and a closed-loop acoustic control and data acquisition system. The mobility and “building block” approach allows this method to be tailored for each application and to provide a more timely and cost-effective test solution. This method can also be useful for testing articles that are too large to fit inside a traditional acoustic reverberant chamber, or too small to be practically tested in larger facilities.

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