Cleanroom Capabilities

Experior Laboratories’ 11,0000 square foot dynamics testing facility is now an ISO8 / Class 100,000 compliant cleanroom, verified and monitored to operate within a temperature range of 71.6°F ± 5.4°F and humidity range of 45% ± 15%.

Building # 3, as it’s called among Experior staff, offers a 33 foot High Bay and a 15 ton crane and currently is the home of four Unholtz Dickie vibration systems, including two T4000s with 72” slip tables and head expanders, offering our customer a total of 80,000 pound force.

Experior Labs also offers portable Class 100,000 cleanroom capability to turn any workspace into a cleanroom workspace.

Laminar Flow Bench

For midsize parts that require controlled cleanliness during assembly, storage, or testing – Experior Laboratories offers an ISO Class 5 horizontal laminar flow bench. The flow bench offers a workspace of 93.50L x 24.00D x 34.50H and includes a 96.00 x 36.00 HEPA filter and prefilter, and is certified to IEST-RP-CC002.2 which governs flow bench velocity, filter leak, and particulate.

Test Standards

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