Impulse Space completes vibration testing of their No 1 Mira Spacecraft leading up to their fall launch

Structural Testing of Payload Delivery System
• Solar Panels
• Data Feeds
• Inconel Tanks
• Propulsion System

Impulse Space, Inc. – a leader in the development of in-space transportation services for the inner solar system – today announced its first orbital mission, LEO Express-1. Utilizing Mira, Impulse’s first orbital service vehicle, this mission will perform in-space services, including last-mile orbital payload delivery, payload hosting, very low altitude maneuvers and controlled atmospheric re-entry.

Impulse has procured a launch slot for this mission on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket as part of SpaceX’s Transporter-9 mission and is committed to meeting the current launch timeline of Q4 2023. Impulse will be among the first companies to demonstrate rapid in-space transportation services through high-thrust chemical propulsion.

“Our team is thrilled to announce LEO Express-1 as our first mission and the implications it brings to affordable space access,” says Impulse Space Founder and CEO Tom Mueller. “Currently, smallsat operators with custom orbit requirements need to pay a premium or compromise their spacecraft designs to include additional on-board propulsion capability. Impulse’s LEO Express missions will provide the industry with a reliable, rapid and consistent service for precisely delivering payloads to custom orbits in low earth orbit.”

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