SpinLaunch Satellite completes vibration and thermal vacuum testing of ruggedized components for it’s low-cost high-performance satellite bus.

SpinLaunch is a spaceflight technology development company working on mass accelerator technology to move payloads to space. SpinLaunch recently completed vibration and thermal vacuum for its high-performance low orbit satellites at Experior Labs

SpinLaunch is developing a kinetic energy space launch  with the goal of significantly lowering the cost of access to space while increasing launch frequency. The technology uses a vacuum-sealed centrifuge to spin a rocket and then hurl it to space at up to 4,700 mph (7,500 km/h; 2.1 km/s). The rocket then ignites its engines at an altitude of roughly 200,000 ft (60 km) to reach orbital speed of 17,150 mph (27,600 km/h; 7.666 km/s) with a payload of up to 200kg. Peak acceleration would be approximately 10,000 g.

SpinLaunch Thermal Vacuum
SpinLaunch Vibration Testing
An Inside Look: Satellite Prototyping at SpinLaunch

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