Railway Testing

Passenger Railcar – Freight Railcar Testing

Experior Laboratories specializes in vibration and shock testing of railcar and freight railcar components, sub-systems and systems.

Test Standards

Vibration and Shock Types Supported

Sine Sweep Vibration Testing

Sine Dwell Vibration Testing

Sine Burst Vibration Testing

Random Vibration Testing

Sine on Random Testing

Random on Random Vibration Testing

Cargo & Transportation Vibration Testing

• Mechanical Shock Testing, i.e. Half Sine, Saw Tooth, SRS

It was a pleasure to work with the Experior team. We had a challenging vibration test and they made it look easy. From the first phone call to the end of the test they were capable and professional. It was refreshing to find a lab that was proactive in solving problems. Both facilities and personnel were excellent. In particular, I would like to thank Grace Beech, Phil Rogers, Jason Thomas and Lou Angelucci for their support.

Program Manager

Equipment Capabilities

  • 2x 40,000lbf vibration system
  • Payload > 8,000lbs
  • >128 Channels of Vibration Testing Data Recording

UD T4000 Dual Shaker
Vibration Testing

TransTech Third Rail Collector for Kawasaki Rail Car.

UD T2000 Dual Shaker
Vibration Testing

Extra Large Payload
Vibration Testing

Vibration testing system can be used in tandem to provide a combined 80,000 lbf for testing large articles.

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