MIL-STD-1540: Test Requirements
for Space Vehicles

All space vehicles are subjected to extensive ground testing to ensure their successful operational use. This standard establishes a uniform set of definitions and ground testing requirements for space vehicles, whether launched by an expendable launch vehicle or the recoverable Space Shuttle. Although this standard is not applicable to launch vehicles, it is recommended that the component test requirements be used for launch vehicle components to obtain the required high reliability. The test requirements specified are a composite of those tests currently used in achieving successful space missions. It is intended that these test requirements should be tailored to the specific space program or project considering design complexity, state of the art, mission criticality and acceptable risk.


This standard establishes uniform definitions, environmental criteria, test requirements, and test methods for space vehicles and their subsystems and components.


The tailored application of these test requirements to a particular space program is intended to assure a high level of confidence in achieving a successful space mission. This standard is intended for use in the procurement of space vehicle hardware, including space vehicles and airborne support equipment that remain in the Space Shuttle Orbiter during orbital flight, as well as orbital satellites.


The tests specified herein are classified as development, qualification, acceptance, prelaunch validation, or other tests.


Test Reference
Electronic or Electrical Equipment Antennas Moving Mechanical Assembly Solar Panel Batteries Valves Fluid or Propulsion Equipment Pressure Vessels Thrusters Thermal Equipment Optical Equipment
Functional 6.4.1 1^(1) R R R R R R R R R R R
Thermal Vacuum 6.4.2 9 R R R R R R O R R R R
Thermal Cycling 6.4.3 8 R O O O O O O / / / /
Sinusoidal Vibration 6.4.4 5 O O O / O O O O O O R
Random Vibration 6.4.5 4 R R^(3) O / R R R R R R R
Acoustic 6.4.6 4 / R^(3) R R / / / / / / /
Pyroshock 6.4.7 3 R O / O O O O / O O O
Acceleration 6.4.8 7 O R O O O O / O / / R
Humidity 6.4.9 10 O O O O O O O O O O O
Pressure 6.4.10 11 / / R / R^(2) R R R R / /
Leak 6.4.11 2.6.12 R^(2) / R / R^(2) R R R 0 O /
EMC 6.4.12 13 R 0 0 / / / / / / / /
Life 6.4.13 14 O O O O O O O O O O O

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