Automotive Testing

Automotive – Autonomous Vehicle Testing

Experior Laboratories specializes in vibration, shock and environmental testing of a wide range of automotive components, including electrical connector and wiring systems, sensors, lithium cells, and battery sub-systems and many more.

Sine Sweep Vibration Testing
Sine Dwell Vibration Testing
Sine Burst Vibration Testing
Random Vibration Testing
Sine on Random Testing
Random on Random Vibration
Cargo & Transportation Vibration
• Mechanical Shock Testing ie: Half Sine, Saw Tooth, SRS

Equipment Capabilities

  • 2x 40,000lbf vibration system
  • Payload > 8,000lbs
  • >128 Channels of Vibration Testing Data Recording

Vibration Testing

UD T4000 Dual Shaker
Vibration Testing

UD T2000 Dual Shaker
Vibration Testing

Extra Large Payload
Vibration Testing

Vibration testing system can be used in tandem to provide a combined 80,000 lbf for testing large articles.

MIL-STD-810G Shock and Vibration Testing
Battery Test

Fixture = 300kg (650 Lb.)

Test Article= 865 kg (1907 Lb.)

Total Test Payload 1165 kg (2557 Lb.)

Vibration Profile / 15 Hours per Axis

1/2 Sine Shock Pulse

Negative Acceleration

Positive Acceleration

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