Altitude Testing

Experior Laboratories Altitude Testing Facility can simulate climbing or descending profiles beyond 100,000 feet for high altitude, low altitude, or altitude immersion testing. The altitude chamber can also be utilized for rapid decompression test scenarios as commonly found for aerospace applications. Experior Laboratories also has the capabilities to conduct combined temperature, humidity, and altitude scenarios as required by certain military and telecommunications standards and procedures. Exposure conditions include temperature ranges from -65°C to +180°C and humidity ranges from 10% to 95% relative humidity. The specific altitude profiles and climatic conditions can be varied during the test as required.

Chamber sizes range from small to large and can accommodate larger test articles up to a size of 38″ x 38″ by 42″ high. The computer-controlled chambers generate environmental conditions electronically for convenient graphing and charting. Experior Laboratories also unique expertise in conducting optical or electrical functional measurements throughout the exposure duration if needed.

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