Experior Laboratories installs TEAM T-FILM slip table for improved performance for large and heavy vibration testing

High Performance Vibration Testing for Large and Heavy Test Articles

Experior Laboratories recently expanded its dynamic testing capability with another new vibration system.

The newly installed system combines two test industry expert components, a new Unholtz Dickie T4000 vibration system and a TEAM T-Film Bearing slip table.

Similar to Experior Labs’ other model T4000 shakers, the new system offers 3” stroke with a 40,000 force-pound sine and random vibration capability. The 480kVA UD T4000 amplifiers provide a boost to its shock capability as well as reduced wear and improved uptime for demanding vibration campaigns.

Paired with the UD T4000 shaker is a custom 72”x72” high-performance precision slip table designed and manufactured by TEAM Corporation. Compared to a traditional slip plate resting on an oil film over a granite surface, the TEAM table has a slip plate supported by a continuous five by five grid of TEAM film hydrostatic bearings. The design of the T-Film bearing allows direct transmission of virtually all test object loads directly into the base and is accomplished by the hydrostatic bearing design.

The T-Film bearings have several benefits over standard oil film and linear bearings. The unique inverted T shape of TEAM bearings provides improved stiffness, load transfer and improved moment transfer to the reaction base. This minimizes slip plate deflection and cross-axis vibration, as well as allows for test articles with a much higher overturning moment. Additionally, hydrostatic bearings have significantly increased load capability, meaning the table can accommodate much heavier test articles.

Gerrit Lane explains the TEAM
and UD T4000 Vibration System

Paul Hogue explains the TEAM system
and the long history of working with NASA Orion and James Webb Telescope

“Experior Laboratories has become one of the fastest growing independent test laboratories in North America.”

Paul Hogue TEAM North American Sales Exec.

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