Environmental Testing

Hydraulics Pressure Testing

A hydrostatic test is a way in which pressure systems such as valves, actuators, accumulators, pumps and motors, heat exchangers, hoses, filters, tubing, fittings and vessels can be tested for strength and leaks.

The test involves filling the system with a liquid, usually water or oil, and pressurization of the system to the specified test pressure. Pressure tightness can be tested by shutting off the supply valve and observing whether there is a pressure loss. Strength is usually tested by measuring permanent deformation of the container. Performing these tests helps maintain safety standards and durability of a pressure system over time.

Cyclic Hydraulic pressure test can reveal unforeseen stress concentrations around ports and mounting geometry on vessels and fittings. To evaluate these stresses, we can instrument your assembly with strain gauges or we can conduct periodic non-destructive inspections for cracks and track their growth to provide data for life predictions.

The hydraulic fluids we test with include MIL-H-83282, MIL-H-81722, MIL-H-5606, DTE24 and a range of ROYCO fluids of various compositions. Pressure testing using Skydrol is also available.

Experior Laboratories has conducted hydrostatic pressure tests on numerous pressure systems such as landing gear, brake system assemblies, coolant manifolds, as well as many components such as valves, actuators, accumulators, pumps and motors, heat exchangers, hoses, filters, tubing and fittings.

Test Capabilities and Related Test Standards

  • Various Hydrostatic Pressure tests (Proof, Leakage, Burst, High Temp Burst, Thermal Shock, etc.) – SAE AS2078, AS1709, MIL-DTL-5513
  • Impulse – SAE AS2078 (AS603)
  • Fuel Resistance – SAE AS620, AS1227
  • Fire Test – SAE AS1055
  • Stress Corrosion – SAE AS2094
  • Rotary Flexure – SAE ARP 1185
  • Torsion Impulse- SAE AS2078 (AS603)
  • Flexure and Pressure Cycling Endurance – SAE AS1424
  • Push-Pull Test – SAE AS2078
  • Tensile – SAE AS2094
  • Corrosion – SAE AS1946
  • Pressure Drop – SAE AS1709, MIL-DTL-5513 (SAE ARP24)
  • Surge Flow – SAE AS1709, MIL-DTL-5513
  • Endurance – MIL-DTL-5513
  • Light Radiation (UV) Aging Test – SAE AS2078

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