Environmental Testing

Mechanical Shock Testing

Mechanical Shock Test Methods

Mechanical shock testing helps determine whether a device can remain functional when subjected to sudden, abrupt motion changes associated with service environments like product handling, shipping/transportation, rocket stage separation, weapon firing, etc.

High-G Classical Shock

The Lansmont P30 shock system can produce half sine or haversine shocks in excess of 10,000G. Dual elastic accelerators boost the max velocity change to 600in/s or higher.  The system comes with pneumatic brakes and a floating seismic base to allow durations as short as .15ms.  Data is captured at 1MHz, with shock pulse amplitude and duration reported automatically. SRS plot generation is available.

Classical Shock

Classical Shock tests such as half-sine, sawtooth, and trapezoidal pulses are associated with product handling events (drop impacts) and transportation induced events (road bumps, pot holes, etc.) and are performed using our AVCO pneumatic shock table or any of our Unholtz-Dickie electrodynamic vibration systems. These shock tests are specified in the Time Domain (acceleration vs. time). Classical shock pulses up to 1,500 g can be accommodated for a wide range of test payloads.

Lansmont P30 shock system
AVCO pneumatic shock table
Lansmont P30 High G classical shock system video
Unholtz-Dickie electrodynamic vibration systems
Test Specifications

Experior Laboratories has the expertise to perform shock testing in accordance with an extensive list of Test Specifications, including the partial listing below.

• MIL-STD-810 Method 516.5 Military / Classical Shock
• MIL-STD-883 Microelectronics Shock
• MIL-STD-202 Electronic Components Shock
• TIA/EIA-455-14 Fiber Optics Shock
• IEC-60068-2-29 Bump Shock
• EIA-364-27 Electrical Connector Shock
• RTCA-DO-160 Airborne Equipment Shock
• GR-1209-CORE Component and Module Impact
Contact Experior to cross-reference your requirements with our complete list of shock test capabilities.

Shock Testing Expertise

Andy Shiang, Ph.D.

Engineering Manager

As the Engineering Manager, Dr. Andy Shiang will be responsible for leading engineering efforts to support the growing product qualification and testing business sectors.

Dr. Shiang brings over twenty years of specialized expertise in structural analysis, dynamics, and aerospace engineering. His most recent position has been at Aerojet Rocketdyne, where he worked on several large engine programs, laser and electro-optics, Kinetic Energy Weapons, energy systems, as well as the Commercial Crew Program. Dr. Shiang earned a BSME from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as an MSME & PhD from Lehigh University.

Phil Rogers

Phil Rogers joined Experior Laboratories in 2014 as a Vibration and Shock Testing Specialist, after retiring from Unholtz-Dickie, where he worked as an Applications Engineer and Western Regional Sales Manager for 35+ years. Phil’s detailed knowledge of electrodynamic vibration testing systems and special testing techniques for achieving maximum vibration testing and shock testing performance from these systems is an asset that’s now available to all of Experior Laboratories’ customers.


Grace Beech

Grace Beech is one of the project engineers at Experior Laboratories, primarily focused in Dynamics.  She is responsible for most of the vibration testing and shock testing performed at Experior Labs.  Grace manages various aspects of the vibration testing lab, including fixture design and evaluation, program management, vibration testing capability evaluation, shaker troubleshooting and maintenance, and scheduling.

Grace joined Experior Laboratories in 2014.  She brought with her prior engineering experience from her work with Zodiac Aerospace’s business class seating segment, and also from her time as a manufacturing engineer in the vibration testing department at TriSep Corporation.  She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Santa Barbara.


Gerrit Lane

Gerrit Lane joined the Experior Laboratories engineering team in 2015 and has since overseen the successful completion of over 150 environmental test programs. Specializing in dynamics testing and applications, Gerrit has led the design of Experior Laboratories’ pyroshock simulation test system (KIPS), and has designed several custom suites of standard fixtures for vibration testing and shock testing applications.

Gerrit holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.


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