Firefly Aerospace completed its structural environmental testing on the Elytra qualification model with the Xtenti’s FANTM-RiDE mass simulator attachment. This test is performed to validate loads under vibration during launch.

Firefly Aerospace announced that it has completed structural environmental testing of its #ELYTRA in-orbit vehicle with the Xtenti‘s FANTM-RiDE mass simulator attached.

This test validates the spacecraft can handle the vibration loads experienced during launch.

About Firefly Aerospace
As an end-to-end space transportation company, Firefly Aerospace is on a mission to enable our world to launch, land, and operate in space – anywhere, anytime. Our small- to medium-lift launch vehicles, lunar landers, and orbital vehicles provide more affordable, responsive, and reliable space access for government and commercial customers. We achieve this by utilizing advanced carbon composite structures, patented propulsion technologies, and common components across our vehicles that allow us to scale efficiencies, improve reliability, and lift heavier payloads at a lower cost.

As part of Firefly’s end-to-end space transportation services, Elytra offers robust on-orbit solutions when and where customers need them. Our line of highly mobile and scalable orbital vehicles provides on-orbit transfers, hosting, delivery, and servicing across cislunar space and beyond. Available to launch on Alpha and MLV, Elytra can service the entire lifecycle of government and commercial missions.

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