Cryogenic Temperature Testing

In addition to our many liquid nitrogen chambers and flow systems, Experior Laboratories offers liquid helium cycling and exposure for test temperatures down to 4K (-269C). These conditions can be used to simulate thermal exposure in liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen fuel systems, common on upper stage spacecraft.

Experior Labs’ experience with cryogenics can be seen clearly in the setups used for testing. Each component is chosen carefully to minimize heat transfer and reduce the evaporation of liquid helium during testing.

Examples include our double-wall vacuum jacketed immersion dewar with multi-layer super insulation, a baffled reflective top cap, and flexible vacuum jacketed liquid helium transfer lines.

By making the system as efficient as possible, reduced waste helps making test campaigns more economical.

Safety is also a top priority, so our system is equipped with triple redundant overpressure relief, a shutoff valve on liquid helium transfer lines, and environmental oxygen sensors.

Common applications include:
• Connector and cable harness immersion testing to evaluate insulation cracking, shrinkage, solder joint performance
• Valve performance and seal performance during liquid propellant flow
• Simulation of space environments to evaluate thermal management systems
• Solar cells for efficiency over lifetime and electrical performance
• Various structural materials for orbital systems

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Test Standards:

Sierra Space’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) completed
challenging cryogenic lunar thermal environment test

Sierra Space’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) solar arrays passed the challenging cryogenic lunar thermal environment with the aid of Experior Labs’ expertise in testing. The approximately 400°C temperature range thermal cycling test is not conventional or straightforward, but the Experior Labs test team was up to the challenge, executing the test with controlled and acceptable ramp rates. This test was critical to Sierra Space in proving that SMT solar arrays are robust and ready for lunar missions.

Sierra Space, Sr. Program Manager

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