Environmental Testing

Altitude Testing

Experior Labs test facility can simulate climbing or descending profiles beyond 100,000 feet for high altitude, low altitude, or altitude immersion testing. The altitude chamber can also be utilized for rapid decompression test scenarios as commonly found for aerospace applications.

Fire and Flammability

Experior Laboratories offers a range of fire testing services for various types of materials and components. Our staff has the experience to conduct flame testing to military, telecom, and industry standards. Our flame testing capabilities also extends to qualification and reliability testing.

Fluid Susceptibility Testing

Fluid Susceptibility testing of material determines the affects and resistance of exposure to fluids. Some commons fluids used to test contamination include fuels, lubricating oils, solvents, cleaning fluids, and many others

Fungus Testing

Fungus testing helps assess if a component or material will support fungal growth. If the material does indeed support fungal growth, the next step would be to determine if the fungus is detrimental to the product.

Mechanical Shock Testing

Classical Shock tests such as half-sine, sawtooth, and trapezoidal pulses are performed using our AVCO pneumatic shock table or any of our many UD electrodynamic machines such as our Model T2000 Shaker. Classical shock pulses up to 1,500 G can be accommodated for a wide range of test payloads.

PyroShock Testing

PyroShock tests are specified in the Frequency Domain in terms of acceleration (G) vs. frequency (Hz) and typically are associated with High-G environments caused by severe impacts, explosive events, etc. PyroShock transient shocks incorporate a broad range of frequencies into the test pulse which better approximate the real mechanical event.

Salt Spray Testing

Salt testing can have different variations such as salt atmosphere, corrosion, salt fog, salt spray testing, etc. Common among these variations is the goal of determining the effects of salt on a product. Salt can have detrimental effects on the physical, electrical, and optical device under test

Sand and Dust Testing

Experior Laboratories can conduct Sand and Dust testing to standards such as MIL-STD-810 Method 510. The test aims to evaluate the product’s resistance to dust particles. Depending on the standard, different types of dusts can be used which vary in size, weight, and quantity.

Temperature and Humidity Testing

Temperature and humidity testing is the umbrella term for different environmental tests such as high temperature testing, temperature cycling testing or moisture resistance testing. All of these tests server different purposes and have different temperature and humidity conditions

Tensile and Compression Testing

Tensile and Compression testing is the generic name for many types of tests such as pull test, tension test, load resistance test, and many more. This assessment usually occusr during the design verification testing stage so device manufacturers can determine if the design can withstand mechanical forces..

Thermal Shock Testing

Thermal shock testing subjects products to sudden temperature changes. These changes can be either air-to-air or liquid-to-liquid changes. The definition of “sudden” temperature change varies depending on the standard followed, but generally should be within minutes.

Thermal Vacuum Testing

Experior Laboratories is an industry leader in testing aerospace components, subassemblies and systems. Experior’s vacuum test chambers are designed to meet the harsh requirements of space and satellite conditions.

Transportation Vibration Testing

When performed in accordance to MIL-STD-810 Method 514 Procedure II “Loose Cargo Transportation”, products are subjected to vibration profiles developed to simulate truck and rail shipments. The test severity in particular is for loose cargo transport in military vehicles traversing rough terrain.

Vibration Testing

Experior Laboratories’ MIL-STD-790 approved and ISO-17025:2005 accredited laboratory houses multiple state-of-the-art electrodynamic vibration shaker systems that can handle the most demanding vibration and shock test specifications.

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