To save the drawings right click the photos and “Save-As”. All drawings are in inches, unless otherwise noted.

Shock / Mechanical Shock Drawings

Drop Shock – Bolt pattern for table drawing

Vibration Drawings

Vibration fixturing – Bolt pattern for 32″ x 32″ head expander

Vibration fixturing – Cube

UD T2000 w/ 3″ Stroke

25,000 lbf shaker – Bolt pattern for 36″ x 36″ slip table

Bolt pattern for 48″ x 48″ slip table

UD T2000 and UD R16 Shakers

Bolt pattern for armature

UD R16 w/ 2″ stroke 13,000 lbf Shaker

Bolt pattern for 44″ x 44″ slip table

Vibration Fixturing – Bolt pattern for 48″ x 48″ head expander

Altitude Drawings

Altitude –15″x20″x21″ – Bolt pattern for flange outer plate

Thermal Vacuum Drawings

Thermal Vacuum – Flange Cap for Feedthru Plate

Thermal Vacuum – Bolt pattern for chamber thermal platen

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