Telecom Testing

GR-1209-CORE Testing

Generic Requirements for Passive Optical Components

GR-1209-CORE specifies test requirements to qualify passive optical components. Both singlemode and multimode cables are applicable.

GR-1209-CORE testing covers a wide range of fiber optic components. Splitters, for example, are a common component tested against this document. Splitters can be used in fiber distribution hubs (FDH) or as an independent device to broadcast a signal to multiple ports. GR-1209-CORE better ensures that the splitter provides adequate optical signal to multiple outputs during operation. Splitters installed in a FDH must resist different weather conditions (if installed outdoor) and structural hazards such as GR-1221 Section 6.2.2 Vibration, EIA/TIA-455-14 Module Impact, etc (if installed indoor).

Coupler and WDM Classes

  • Splitter
  • Combiner
  • Star Coupler
  • Tree Coupler
  • Access Coupler or Tap
  • Non-Intrusive Tap
  • Wide Band Coupler, Wavelength Insensitive Coupler, or Broadband Coupler (BBC)
  • Wavelength-Flattened Coupler
  • Wavelength-Division-Multiplexer or Demultiplexer (WDM)
  • Dense Wavelength-Division-Multiplexer or Demultiplexer (DWDM)

Filter Classes

  • Short-Pass Filter
  • Long-Pass Filter
  • Fixed Bandpass Filter
  • Tunable Bandpass Filter
  • Bandstop (or Notch) Filter
  • Gain Flattening Filter

Isolator and Circulator Classes

  • Polarization-Analyzer Isolators
  • Walk-Off Isolators
  • Optical Circulators


Passive Optical Modules

  • Multiple WDM
  • Add-Drop Module
  • Multiple Couplers or Splitters
  • Daisy-Chained Passive Components


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