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High Performance Vibration Testing for Large and Heavy Test Articles

The newly installed system combines two test industry expert components, a new Unholtz Dickie T4000 vibration system and a TEAM T-Film Bearing slip table.

The TEAM T-Film bearings have several benefits overs standard oil film and linear bearings. The unique inverted T shape of TEAM bearings provides improved stiffness, load transfer and improved moment transfer to the reaction base. This minimizes slip plate deflection and cross axis vibration, as well as allows for test articles with a much higher overturning moment. The hydrostatic bearings have significantly increased load capability, meaning the table can accommodate much heavier test articles.

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Direct Field Acoustic Testing at Experior Labs

MSI-DFAT and Experior Labs Direct Field Acoustic Test

Experior Laboratories Inc., in partnership with MSI DFAT Services, LLC, has completed their inaugural Direct Field Acoustic Test at Experior Labs’ Oxnard, CA test site. This was the first DFAT at Experior Labs’ facility.

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Experior Labs is Growing

5,000 Sq. Ft Office Space Remodel Kick-off!

Experior Laboratories started the remodeling of our Building # 2 to create 36 new work stations, 6 offices and 2 conference rooms, aiming for completion this coming June. Combining management, engineering and admin staff in Building # 2 will free up space in Building # 1 to expand our lab space.

News and Events

Experior Laboratories welcomes Kevin Sullivan, Principal Dynamics Engineer

Kevin comes to Experior Laboratories with over thirty years’ experience in dynamic testing applications. During his career at Aerojet Rocketdyne he specialized in combined test environments including cryogenically conditioned and pressurized test articles associated with rocket engine components, and supported programs as diverse as the Space Shuttle, International Space Station, expendable rocket propulsion systems, and kinetic energy defense programs. Kevin holds a BSEE from the University of Wyoming.

New Strategic Partnership Announcement

Today, DNB Engineering, Inc. and Experior Laboratories, Inc. announced a partnership with the mutual goal of offering the most comprehensive overall service portfolio and generating substantial impact for strategic proposals. The partnership promises to provide a superior client experience to our customers within the Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Telecommunication, and Medical industries.

This decision comes following extensive strategic planning by both organizations. The partnership gives DNB Engineering, Inc. the opportunity to expand its Vibration and Shock Testing service capabilities and gives Experior Laboratories, Inc. the opportunity to add capabilities in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), High Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF), Lightning, and Product Safety Testing services.

The new partnership is expected to spark innovation and dedication to solving our customer’s testing challenges and find solutions for all their qualification needs.

Both organizations are committed to working in close partnership to provide facilities for their customers where they will be able to obtain a qualified unbiased third-party product evaluation.

“We are excited about this partnership with the guys at Experior Laboratories, Inc. It gives us the ability to go after strategic large-scale programs that involve our expertise (Unrivaled Electromagnetic Compatibility, Lightning and HIRF testing) and Environmental, specifically vibration and shock testing for large test articles.” explains Tony Piraino, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at DNB Engineering, Inc.

“Executing increasingly large-scale component and system qualification test campaigns for the commercial and non-commercial space, as well as other industries, our customers are looking for a one-stop testing partner and our partnership with DNB Engineering will fill a very important void with their expertise in EMI/HIRF testing” says Roger Rutz, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Experior Laboratories, Inc.

About DNB Engineering, Inc.
DNB Engineering, Inc. a full-service test lab that has been family-owned and operated since 1979. They provide Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Lightning, High Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRF), Environmental, Product Safety and Regulatory Test capabilities. With four locations in California, one in Utah and another in Arizona, DNB Engineering, Inc. has the facilities, certifications and the experienced personnel to meet all testing, qualification, and regulatory compliance specifications. The company has the largest commercially available Mode Tuned Chamber for HIRF testing, capable of reaching field strength levels up to 25,000 V/m, and a brand new, state-of-the-art Direct Effect Lightning Test Facility.

DNB Engineering, Inc. is NVLAP accredited to ISO/IEC 17025 standard and employs NARTE qualified personnel to meet all testing in the EMC scope.

Additional information about DNB Engineering, Inc. can be found at

Experior Laboratories welcomes Andy Shiang, Ph.D. Engineering Manager

As the Engineering Manager, Dr. Andy Shiang will be responsible for leading engineering efforts to support the growing product qualification and testing business sectors.

Dr. Shiang brings over twenty years of specialized expertise in structural analysis, dynamics, and aerospace engineering. His most recent position has been at Aerojet Rocketdyne, where he worked on several large engine programs, laser and electro-optics, Kinetic Energy Weapons, energy systems, as well as the Commercial Crew Program. Dr. Shiang earned a BSME from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, as well as an MSME & Ph.D. from Lehigh University.

Experior Laboratories opens new testing facility

Experior Laboratories opened a state-of-the-art dynamics-testing facility as part of its campus headquartered in Oxnard California. The inaugural event on November 16, 2018 coincided with the company’s 15th anniversary and was celebrated with an open house for all staff, customers, vendors, and the press.

To facilitate the expansion, Experior Labs raised the roof on an 11,000-square-foot industrial space to 33 feet and included a 15-ton bridge-crane and two Unholtz-Dickie T4000 electrodynamic vibration systems that together produce 80,000 pound-force for testing heavy-duty equipment used on Rockets, Missile Systems, Trains, Satellites, and alike.

SpaceTech Expo 2019
Chris Johnson, Project Engineer presented Propulsion Component Qualification and Acceptance Testing

SpaceTech Expo 2018
Gerrit Lane, Technical Dynamics Lead present an overview of High G Vibration and Shock

Experior Laboratories present their Lansmont P30 Shock System for High-G Classical Shock

Experior Laboratories now offers a Lansmont P30 shock system for High-G classical shock. The system can produce half-sine or haversine shocks in excess of 10,000G. Dual elastic accelerators boost the maximum velocity change to 600in/s or higher.

MilSatMagazine – March 2019

SatMagazine – April 2019

High G Testing
High G Testing at 145 G testing of connector and shell.
ORION spacecraft connector and back shell assembly provided by HiRel Connectors and Kern Engineering


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