May Newsletter

Experior Labs is continuing to grow its fiber optic testing division in response to a steady growth in its customer base and sustained proliferation of optical communication technologies into both commercial and military / aerospace industries and applications. Testing continues to focus on optical components for telecommunication applications as well as harsh environments.

Steve Galan, Global Director – Wire & Cable (l) presenting Lorenz Cartellieri, President Experior Laboratories (r) the UL certification

UL Approval under TPTDP

Experior Laboratories is now a member of the UL Data Acceptance Program allowing improved collaboration between the two organizations to serve fiber optic component manufacturers around the world with relevant testing services for fiber optic components.

Environmental Chamber

Experior Labs installs additional large (walk-in style) environmental chamber. The chamber extends the temperature range for testing large test articles to -65°C and +150°C with fast ramp rates >5°C per minute. Operating multiple walk-in size chambers supports the increase in optical cable testing among other applications and serving other industries.


New Fiber Optic Capability and Capacity Expansion

New Testing Capability
1. Single-Mode Fiber Cutoff Wavelength
2. Nearfield Optical Power Density
3. Farfield Optical Power Density
4. Encircled Flux Launch Condition
5. Mode Field Diameter (MFD)
6. Single-Mode Attenuation Coefficient
7. Single-Mode Point Discontinuities

Measurement System Expansion with
New or Enhanced Optical Equipment

1. Singlemode optical switch expansions to keep pace with the growing demand for testing large channel count optical components allowing measurement of insertion and return loss during environmental exposures.

2. Expansion of optical discontinuity measurement systems allow additional test capacity in response to projects with multiple product groups undergoing testing simultaneously.

3. Enhanced software automation allows complex optical performance analysis of DWDM (dense wavelength division multiplexers) during environmental and mechanical testing in a high-channel count capacity.

4. Launch Condition Analyzer added to measure near field, far field and encircled flux

5. Single-Mode OTDR added for additional measurement capacity

6. Tungsten-Halogen Broadband Light Source (360 – 2600 nm)

7. LabVIEW Software automation enhanced to enable quicker development of new test application specific software and to automate complex measurement setups.

8.Experior Labs now has continuously tunable laser capability from 1370nm to 1640nm

Vibration at Temperature of Mil/Aero Fiber Optic Connector with Optical Discontinuity monitored.

Fiber Optics Expertise

David Cohen, Ph. D.

David Cohen, Ph. D.

Sr. Fiber Optic Test Engineer

As senior test engineer at Experior Laboratories, David Cohen assumes technical leadership for testing of all fiber all fiber optic components in both telecom and military/aerospace applications.

Prior to joining Experior Labs, David was the fiber optic scientist at Rifocs Corporation in charge of R&D. Later, as a founding member of the innovative startup nanoPrecison Products, David established and managed their high precision technology and product development center where he obtained many years of metrology experience developing novel high precision metal fiber optic component prototypes.

David has also published many peer-reviewed journal articles, conference papers, and patents in fiber-optic related fields. He holds a BS degree in Physics from the University of California, Los Angeles, and a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California.


Fiber Optics Capabilities Video

Facility Expansion

Experior Laboratories continuous to expand its operations and testing capacities in California. With the addition of Building 3, our laboratory and operations have grown beyond 40,000 square feet over three buildings.


Upcoming Events:

• May 7 – 8, JPL’s Interplanetary Small Sat Conference, Pasadena

• May 22 – 24, Space Tech Expo, Pasadena

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