SAE Testing

Experior Laboratories can conduct testing to many different SAE standards. Professional and organizations work together to publish standards focued on automotive, aerospace, and commerical technologies. The SAE standards can be used or modified to suit other fields as well, especially those products having to do with transport.

Some well known SAE standards include SAE J2334 which is a cyclic corrosion tests that determines if material is able to withstand salt and chemical mixtures. Another example is SAE AS4373 for durability of wire manufacturer’s color or unique identifier.

Our test lab can conduct a wide-range of SAE standards – many more than those listed on this website. Please contact us for SAE testing and we will get back to you shortly.


SAE AS39029

Our laboratory can conduct qualification testing for removable crimp electrical contacts to SAE AS39029. When qualified for use in electrical components, the contacts must pass a series of tests that include vibration testing, temperature life, and tensile strength. While all types of contacts require an initial examination, some types of contacts require less testing.

SAE AS50151

Experior can conduct electrical connector testing to SAE AS50151. This aerospace standard is based on MIL-DTL-5015H Supplement 1, and covers circular threaded electrical connectors with solder or removable crimp contacts. Classes, series, and styles are also defined which make up the classification of electrical connectors.

SAE AS5382

Our laboratory has the expertise to conduct jacketed single-fiber multimode and single-mode fiber optic cables to SAE AS5382. The document covers a number of tests including inspection, optical, mechanical, and environmental testing requirements. The aerospace standard calls many test methods from the TIA and other SAE series.

SAE AS50881

Our test lab can conduct wire testing to SAE AS50881. The standard replaces MIL-W-5088L for wiring primarily used for aerospace vehicles. To qualify wire and cable, conformance must be met for safety, performance, and reliability among other requirements.

SAE AS4373

Our laboratory has the expertise to conduct testing to the methods described in SAE AS4373. The document covers insulated electric wire mainly for the aerospace industry. The process and quality control tests include conductor tests, electrical tests, and environmental tests among others.



Located in Souther California, Experior Labs can conduct SAE AMS3238 testing of butyl (IIR) rubber typically in the form of tubing, strip, sheet, and molded shapes. In the aerospace and automotive industry, butyl rubber is typically used for, but not limited to, part such as O-rings, grommets, and seals.

SAE AS1424

Experior Labs can test metal hose assemblies to SAE AS1424. The standard cover flexible, high-temperature, medium-pressure hose assemblies primarily used on jet aircraft power plants. The assemblies are categorized into types and classes. The detail specifications depends on the category.

SAE AS25043

Our laboratory has the expertise to conduct qualification and quality assurance tests to SAE AS25043. The document covers electrical connectors and specifies the qualification requirements and test methods. Tests such as dimensions, air leakage, corrosion testing are covered.

SAE AS33671

Experior Labs can conduct SAE AS33671 testing for self-clinching plastic straps or tie downs. The aerospace standard documents the requirements for plastic straps including color, lock, and material.

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