Telecom Testing

GR-771-CORE Testing

Generic Requirements for Fiber Optic Splice Closures

Fiber optic splice closures are enclosures that are intended to restore the environmental and mechanical integrity of one or more fiber cables entering the enclosure and providing some internal function for fiber organization, splicing, termination, or interconnection. Fiber optic splice closures are subdivided into various categories including environmentally sealed closures (ESCs), free-breathing closures (FBCs), taut sheath closures (TSCs), pre-terminated closures (PTCs), hybrid fiber closures (HFCs), and thin walled closures (TWCs). Depending on the size, a splice closure can accommodate hundreds of fibers and multiple cables.

Because the splice closures are often placed outside, in and uncontrolled environment, the test requirements are comprehensive. Different requirements are tested such as optical monitoring, functional design and application-specific situations and environmental criteria. Some examples of tests are:

  • Accelerated thermal aging, simulation of freeze-thaw cycles for buried and underground deployment, weather tightness for outdoor wall and aerial pole and strand applications, water spray for indoor wall applications, and many more.

Experior Labs routinely conducts all required tests required in GR-771-CORE at it laboratory in California. All testing includes the applicable optical performance assessments where required.

Other closure standards: NEMA OS 4-2016


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