EN Testing

Experior Laboratories has the capability to conduct a wide-range of test standards issued by the EN (or European Standards, European Norms). The EN covers many different products, services, or systems. A common series of standards for the aerospace industry is EN-2591 which specifies general requirements for testing electrical, optical and data transmission system connections. About 100 test methods are in the EN-2591 standard, each are assigned a unique number and name. For example Sine and Random Vibration testing is assigned EN-2591-403.

Please contact us if you would like to use our laboratory for EN testing. We can conduct many more EN standards than those listed on this website, so please just ask us and we will get back to you soon.



EN 50155

Experior Laboratories can conduct EN 50155 which describes requirements for all electronic equipment for railway applications. The requirements cover the basic hardware and software functionality as well as the conditions of operation and testing of electronic equipment. Our lab can conduct a number of environmental, mechanical, and performance tests specified in this standard.

EN 2591

Experior Laboratories can perform environmental testing to the IEC-60068 series of international standards. The series was intended for electrotechnical products but can be modified to cover different industries.

ETSI EN 300 019

Experior Labs has the capability to conduct a number of the test standards, severities, and methods described in the EN 300 019 series of documents. This series specifies the environmental tests for telecommunications equipment when in storage, in transportation, or in use. The “in use” can further be categorized as stationary, mobile, or both. Experior has extensive experience in stress and environmental testing for telecom components, devices, and products.

EN 4531

Experior Laboratories can test circular fiber optic connectors to the test methods described in EN 4531. The series also covers general characteristics, acceptance, and qualification testing. These self-locking fiber optic connectors are are suitable for aerospace use and is intended for temperature ranges from -65 to 150 deg C.



EN 12417

The EN 12417 series covers technical safety and protective requirements for machining centers. The individual standards and the annexes contained defines tests for parts and material used in those machine centers. The purpose of testing is to minimize risk when parts fail, break, eject, etc from a work zone.

EN 3745

Experior Laboratories can conduct environmental testing and fiber optic performance measurements to EN 3745 standards. The aerospace standard also covers many cable and fiber strength tests such as fiber proof, torsion, flexure endurance, and microbending. A visual inspection and/or attenuation measurement is usually conducted after the test to ensure performance or functionality hasn’t been degraded.

EN 2997

The EN-2997 series of standards specifies the qualification acceptance, quality assurance, and test programs for threaded ring coupling circular connectors, fire-resistant or non fire-resistant. These are intended for use in aerospace applications and in a temperature range of -65 to 175 deg C. Experior Laboratories can test EN 2997 aerospace connectors including the plug, receptacle, dummy samples, protective cover, and contacts.


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