Sierra Space’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) completed challenging cryogenic lunar thermal environment test

High Performance Cryogenic Testing

Experior Laboratories testing facility recently completed a cryogenic test of solar arrays for space applications.

Sierra Space’s Surface Mount Technology (SMT) solar arrays passed the challenging cryogenic lunar thermal environment with the aid of Experior Labs’ expertise in testing. The approximately 400°C temperature range thermal cycling test is not conventional or straightforward, but the Experior Labs test team was up to the challenge, executing the test with controlled and acceptable ramp rates. This test was critical to Sierra Space in proving that SMT solar arrays are robust and ready for lunar missions.”
Sierra Space, Senior Program Manager.

“Conventional thermal testing methods usually will not be capable of going below -200°C. While that’s fine for simulating situations like low earth orbit, more exotic space environments (mars ice caps, polar moon craters, deep space etc.) require greater capability, and Experior is up to the task.”
Kaelin Spencer, Project Engineer at Experior Labs Inc.

• Maintained temperatures as low as -234°C for up to 4 hours with less then 2°C temperature variation
• System is capable of going as low as -269°C
• Ramp rates carefully controllable throughout entire temperature range
• 8 cycles performed with no degradation in system performance or repeatability
• System facilitates functional and electrical checkouts of test article mid-test

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