SAE J1455: Electronic Equipment
Environmental Standards

SAE J1455 is a recommended set of specifications that characterize the environmental performance and reliability requirements of electronic equipment designed for heavy-duty on and off-road vehicles. This is one of the most common test standards for the automotive market and is considered essential for testing both on- and off-road vehicles as well as heavy trucks.

Section 4: Environmental Factors and Test Methods, describes the thirteen characteristics of the expected environment that have an impact on the performance and reliability of truck and bus electronic systems. The descriptions are titled below:

Organization of Test Methods and Environmental Extremes Information

Section Test Name Description


Temperature These tests exercise the assemblies capability of surviving extreme temperature changes and the effects of differing coefficients of thermal expansion.


Humidity These tests under humidity check the effects of high concentrations of humidity and the articles ability to withstand moisture effects. Typically moisture sensitive devices have issues with this test and require a conformal coat or other types of protection.


Salt Spray Atmosphere

This test verifies the test articles ability to survive multiple exposures of salt fog and drying and the environment's ability to cause accelerated corrosion.

d Immersion and Splash
(Water, Chemicals, and Oils)
e Steam Cleaning and Pressure Washing |
f Fungus This test determines whether equipment material is adversely affected by fungi under conditions favorable for their development, namely, high humidity, warm atmosphere, and presence of inorganic salts
g Dust, Sand, and Gravel Bombardment These tests subject the unit to an environment of blowing sand and dust of specific particle sizes in which the unit must operate at the end of exposures.
h Altitude |
i Mechanical Vibration |
j Mechanical Shock |
k General Heavy-Duty Truck Electrical Environment |
l Steady-State Electrical Characteristics |
m Transient, Noise and Electrostatic Characteristics |
n Electromagnetic Compatibility/ Electromagnetic Interference |

The user of the standard must also decide interdependently of the standard, how much additional test margin to allow for the uncertainty of test conditions and measurement in each test.

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