ASTM Testing

Experior has the capability to conduct tests to many ASTM standards. The standards organization serves as an open forum to develop standards for testing and material.

Experior can conduct testing ASTM G154 for example. The standard covers UV exposure of nonmetallic materials. This purpose is to simulate the weathering effects of sunlight and moisture from rain or water. Other standards include, but are not limited to ASTM B 117 – Standard Practice for Operating Salt Spray (Fog) Apparatus, ASTM D3580 – 95(2010) – Standard Test Methods for Vibration (Vertical Linear Motion) Test of Products, ASTM D4169 – 09 – Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems, and STM D6653 / D6653M – 13 – Standard Test Methods for Determining the Effects of High Altitude on Packaging Systems by Vacuum Method. Measurements and inspections can be conducted before, during, and/or after the test according to the standards or the methods specified.

Out test lab can conduct a vast array of ASTM standards – many more than those listed on this website. Please contact us for any ASTM testing and we will get back to you shortly.


ASTM D 1693 Testing

The standard exposes a number of test specimens to stress in conditions such as soaps, wetting agents, oil, and detergents. After testing, examination for cracking shall be reported.

ASTM D 1654 Testing

Our materials test lab has the capability to treat painted or coated components for accelerated and atmosphere exposure tests. Per ASTM D 1654, visual examination and other evaluations for corrosion, blistering, loss of adhesion or other firm failure is required

ASTM D 1248 Testing

Experior’s optical and electrical lab can conduct testing and measurements per ASTM D 1248. The standard covers identification of polyethylene plastics extrusion materials for wire and cable.

The plastics are identified primarily on the basis of two characteristics, namely, density and flow rate. The identification further breaks down to Type, Category, Class, Grades, etc.

ASTM D 1149 Testing

Our environmental test lab can conduct testing of rubber’s ozone resistance under the limited and specified conditions of the accelerated tests.

The standard is intended to test the material’s ability to resist cracking caused by ozone exposure by accelerated time/exposure in an environmental chamber. Visual examination can be conducted or other examinations/measurements can be conducted per customer request.



ASTM D 1084 Testing

Experior Laboratories has the capability to determine the viscosity of free-flowing adhesives per ASTM D 1084.

The standard has includes four methods intended to cover various viscosity measurements and tests. Test results, visual examination, or other reporting can be conducted based on customer requirements.

ASTM B 827 Testing

Our environmental test lab can conduct environmental tests involving exposures to controlled quantities of corrosive gas mixtures to industry standards such as ASTM B 827.

Standard practice for conducting mixed flowing gas (MFG) requires proper equipment for proper gas, temperature, and humidity control. These controls enable tests to be conducted in a reproducible manner. Criteria can follow the standard or can be per customer specification.

ASTM B 470 Testing

Experior Laboratories can test stranded uninsulated bare, tin, or tin-lead alloy coated copper conductors. Some examples of tests performed include flex, fraying, mandrel, and resistance tests. The material shall meet the minimum flex life requirements and shall conform to the required conditions for flex, fraying, and madrel tests. Other requirements or pass/fail criteria can be specified by the customer.

ASTM B 117 Testing

Experior Laboratories can conduct salt spray testing to ASTM B117. Salt fog and corrosion testing services are also available at our facility. ASTM B117 is an often used standard to test plastic, steel, alloy, and other coatings or material for erosion, chemical wear, and damaging effects.

ASTM B 117 Testing can also serve to verify the manufacturing process before going into mass production. Plated or painted parts are an example of what can be tested to determine whether a coating process is correctly configured to coat parts effectively.

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