Momentus Completes Vibration and Temperature Testing of Vigoride 6 Orbital Service Vehicle to launch on SpaceX Transporter 7 mission

Experior Laboratories completed the vibration and temperature testing of the Vigoride 6 Spacecraft that launched on the Space X Transporter 7 mission.

The Momentus team completed final flight preparations, and the Vigoride-6 OSV is integrated with the Falcon 9 launch vehicle. The priorities of this mission include delivering payloads for NASA, as well as the REVELA payload for ARCA Dynamics, the VIREO CubeSat for C3S LLC., the DISCO-1 CubeSat for Aarhus University, and the IRIS-C payload for an Asian customer booked through ISILAUNCH.

“Vigoride-6 will mark our third OSV mission. Spaceflight heritage is an important competitive discriminator as customers seek reliability and flexibility,” said Momentus Chief Executive Officer John Rood. “We’re honored to serve NASA on this flight as we deliver two payloads for their NASA LLITED mission to a custom orbit and provide orbital transportation services for several commercial customers.”

Videos on Spacecraft Testing Programs
Vibration Testing – Launch Simulation
Astrobotics Griffin Structural Test Model (STM)
Direct Field Acoustic Testing – Launch Simulation
Astrobotics Griffin Lunar Lander (STM)
Experior Labs recently completed the testing of the Astrobotics Griffin Lunar Lander Structural Test Model. The completed Griffin will be delivering NASA’s water-hunting rover VIPER to the Moon in 2023. It has five times the carrying capacity of Peregrine and can accommodate larger payloads like rovers the size of a compact car.
Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAT) is a high intensity acoustic vibration testing method mainly for aerospace which offers a time and cost saving alternative to conventional reverberation chamber testing.

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