MIL-C-83522: General Specification for Fiber Optic Single Terminus (ST) Connectors

Single terminus fiber optic connectors that have bulkhead and cable termination configurations are the targeted product for qualification testing per MIL-C-83522 (General Specification for Fiber Optic Single Terminus (ST) Connectors). Samples with singlemode and multimode fibers are applicable to this program. Qualified samples are ready to be used in areas that include indoor installation, outer space, mobile militarized systems, aircraft, etc.

The design features of MIL-C-83522 connectors are flexible enough to operate in any environment – in-line, wall-mounted, panel and rack, right angle, etc – where an optical signal is able to pass through singlemode and multimode fibers. These two types of fibers can be placed in connector shell sizes 1, 2, 16, and 17 for the purpose to allow proper optical performance as a mated pair where one connector consists of plug termini while the other has sockets.

Connectors of this type are used to provide a consistent optical signal through a building structure, aircraft, vehicles, etc, in order to transmit information by way of communication. These samples can be installed in a wide range of areas and durable enough to withstand various hazards. Ozone Exposure tested in accordance with Method 1007 of MIL-STD-1344 and Fluid Immersion tested to Method 1016 of MIL-STD-1344 are a few examples. Ozone Exposure tests the connectors’ endurance; Fluid Immersion tests the connectors’ resistance to chemical exposure. MIL-C-83522 testing addresses the necessary levels of optical performance while in use on Earth and/or in space.

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