Caltech completes Vibration Testing of their DOLCE, MAPLE and ALBA projects to launch onboard Momentus Vigoride 5 Orbital Service Vehicle on SpaceX’s Transporter-6 Mission

High Performance VibrationTesting for Spacecrafts

The vibration testing conducted at Experior Laboratories exposed Caltech’s DOLCE, MAPLE and ALBA systems to the forces and environmental factors they may experience during launch.
Experior Laboratories first vibration tested all three systems independently before the Caltech team joined them into one system onboard Momentus Vigoride spacecraft to be tested in the launch configuration.

• Alba is an experiment dedicated to characterizing research and developmental photovoltaic (PV) devices.

• The Deployable on-Orbit ultraLight Composite Experiment (DOLCE) will demonstrate the Caltech SSPP stowage and deployment technology and characterize the deployable’s structure’s flatness and response to disturbances at a 1.7 m X 1.7 m scale

• The Microwave Array for Power Transfer LEO Experiment (MAPLE), employs Caltech’s custom CMOS radio frequency integrated circuits (RFICs) and flexible array technology to perform wireless power transfer (WPT) experiments.

• The three experiments are supported by the Avionics system.

Videos on Spacecraft Testing Programs
Vibration Testing – Launch Simulation
Astrobotics Griffin Structural Test Model (STM)
Direct Field Acoustic Testing – Launch Simulation
Astrobotics Griffin Lunar Lander (STM)
Experior Labs recently completed the testing of the Astrobotics Griffin Lunar Lander Structural Test Model. The completed Griffin will be delivering NASA’s water-hunting rover VIPER to the Moon in 2023. It has five times the carrying capacity of Peregrine and can accommodate larger payloads like rovers the size of a compact car.
Direct Field Acoustic Testing (DFAT) is a high intensity acoustic vibration testing method mainly for aerospace which offers a time and cost saving alternative to conventional reverberation chamber testing.

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