Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Please help us improve our services by rating our performance on the referenced project in regards to the following criteria.
1. Responsiveness to Inquiries
Please rate our responsiveness to inquiries & requests (did you receive a timely quote, were questions answered promptly, etc)
Comments (Responsiveness to Inquiries & Requests )
2. Technical Competence
Please rate our technical competence (were projects completed according to required specifications?)
Comments (Technical Competence)
3. Responsiveness to Project Changes
Please rate our responsiveness to project changes (changes in scope of work, schedule)
Comments (Responsiveness to Project Changes)
4. Meet Committed Schedule
Please rate our ability to meet committed schedules (on-time completion of project)
Comments (Meet Commited Schedule)
5. Reports and Certificates
Please rate the overall quality of test reports and certificates (technical accuracy, general comprehension, completeness, etc.)
Comments (Reports and Certificates)
6. What improvements would you like to see?
7. Additional Comments

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