IEC Testing

IEC Testing

Experior Laboratories can conduct testing to many different International Electrotechnical Commision (IEC) standards. Tens of thousands of experts work together with he IEC to publish international standards for all electrical, electronics and related technologies. Although intended for electrotechnical products, the IEC standards can be used or modified to suit other fields as well.

The IEC 60068 series covers many general environmental tests and describes various test methods and measurements that can be used in the optical, industrial, or aerospace field. One of the more popular IEC standard is IEC 60529 which categorizes degrees of protection provided by enclosure of electrical equipment. This covers many types of racks, enclosures, and cases ranging from large server racks to small digital camera enclosures.

Experior Laboratories can conduct a vast array of IEC standards – many more than those listed on this website. Please contact us for IEC testing and we will get back to you shortly.

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