Fiber Optic Testing

Purpose of Fiber Optic Testing

Experior Laboratories is an experienced testing and qualification laboratory with proven success in the fiber optics industry. Combining extensive industry knowledge, standards development experience and world-class competence, Experior offers a full range of reliable and cost-effective fiber optic qualification, design verification and reliability testing services for the military, aerospace and telecom markets.

Experior’s testing services for fiber optic components (termini, pins, sockets, plugs, receptacles, backshells, optical fiber, optical cable, fiber optic connector and cable assemblies, filters, splitters, couplers, harnesses, grating components, WDM and D-WDM components, etc.) and systems are conducted in accordance with Telcordia’s General Requirements (GR), MIL-Standards and Fiber Optic Test Procedures* (FOTP) – as well as many other industry standards. *As defined by the TIA/EIA-455 series of procedures.

The fiber optic section of our laboratory is kept clean and free of debris, ensuring test specimens are not contaminated.

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