Thermal Vacuum Testing

Thermal Vacuum

Thermal Vacuum

Thermal Vacuum

Thermal Vacuum Testing at Experior Labs

Experior Laboratories is an industry leader in testing aerospace components, subassemblies and systems. Experior’s vacuum test chambers are designed to meet the harsh requirements of space and satellite conditions. Our laboratory is capable of simulated space along with repeated cycling between high and low thermal extreme – all while providing test data to better assess likely flight performance and function. Equipment specification are:

10-7 torr, +/- 150 Deg C
36″¸ x 54″ deep inner volume

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We will get back to you as soon as possible (usually same business day). Walk-in testing is also welcomed. Please schedule an appointment so we can accommodate you. We are only about an hours drive from Santa Barbara and Los Angeles counties. Our technicians typically setup and conduct testing for customers; but if preferred, you are welcome to bring in your own staff and equipment for test and measurements.

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